Is your Forklift Safety Cage to Australian Specifications?

The Wiretainers and BJ Turner Forklift Safety Cage meets and exceeds the Australian Standard.  There are many cheaper cages on the market, but we haven't seen a better one.  The Australian Standard specifies that "the front and both sides shall consist of guardrails, infill and toe-boards", our Forklift Safety Cage has 25 x 25mm mesh on all sides and the rear of the cage.  There are no rails in our cage as we believe the rails to be a climbing hazard which could increase the risk of a fall.  Even the internal hand rail on our cage is angled to stop it being used as a step.

Where our cage exceeds the Australian Standard is its' auto-tyne lock.  All cages are required to have safety chains which are used to hold the Safety Cage on the Forklift Tynes, but what if the operator forgets to use them?  Our cage has a fool proof tyne lock - when the cage is lifted, the lock slips up behind the tynes to hold it securely in place.

Manufactured at our plant in Preston, Vic, we ship our Safety Cages all over Australia.  Give us a call, or drop us an email,  and we'll send you through a quote. 03 9480 1200