What is a stillage?

My friends ask me this all the time!  A stillage is a stackable cage for storage or transportation of products.  Stillages can be stacked using a cup foot system or a skid base.  The skid base units are slightly more expensive, but the feet don't stick out beyond the stillage allowing maximum use of floorspace.  We also manufacture skid base stillages for use in pallet racking.  The standard cup foot stillage is 1270 x 1160 x 1190mm.  The standard skid base stillage is 1165 x 1165 x 1165.  Both units come with a full lift off half drop door, or a full lift off half fixed door.  You can also purchase them without a door, and with a lid.


The stillages we have manufactured over the years are as varied as the products we have made them for. We can make them to your specifications and have made 6000mm long stillages, and 600mm square units.  We have made them from sheet metal and mesh, and with no infill, just the 4 posts. We have made them collapsible and lockable.  Some of our stillages have been made to hold specific components during manufacturing such as car parts or gas bottles.  You want it, we can make it.  We can even paint it in your company colour.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements, we ship Australia wide.  03 9480 1200