Easy Keg Trolley

Our KegMobil Keg Trolley makes lifting and moving kegs of beer easy.  The KegMobil Keg Trolley, manufactured by Wiretainers Pty Ltd in Preston Vic is a safe and efficient solution that helps protect your staff from injury.  The KegMobil Keg Trolley is purpose built for moving different sized kegs and significantly reduces the effort required to handle kegs and move them around your workplace.  You simply hook the keg onto the KegMobil trolley and you’re off.  The ergonomically designed handle minimises stress and strain on your back, and allows you to move kegs with just one hand.

We manufacture two types of KegMobil Keg Trolleys; the Original KegMobil is great for use on smooth even surfaces and comes with solid wheels, whilst the All Terrain KegMobil is perfect on uneven surfaces such as lawn, bluestone, gravel and even stairs.  Both are generally in stock.