Cat Holding and transition cages

We have been manufacturing Cat Holding Banks and Transitional Holding cages for Cats for over 30 years.  Wiretainers and BJ Turner Cat Holding Banks come in a variety of styles, with our standard eight day holding bank being 9 cages on wheels with full opening doors.  We also do them in 6 cage units – either 3 across and 2 high or 2 across and 3 high and have manufactured them with removable partitions so that a 9 cage bank becomes 3 cages at times when you only have a couple of cats to give them more space.  As an option, the cages can also have removable trays and trap size door inserts to make transferring the cat to the cage easier for staff.  We have also manufactured the banks with a crush mechanism in some or all of the cages.

If you are holding the cats for more than eight days, then you will need our Transitional Cat Holding Cage which has 1.5 square meters of floor space (over two levels).  These have a removable tray and come as a stand alone unit or can be made on a trolley if you need to move the unit around.

For times when the cat needs to be sedated or otherwise held still, the Wiretainers Crush Cage is simple to use and will not hurt the animal.

Give us a call to discuss your particular requirements.  03 9480 1200