Steel Pallets

Standard steel pallets are available or can be made to order. Wiretainers standard steel pallets come complete with a sturdy sheet metal deck. (optional 'drip lip' shown in this photo).

Transport Trolley

Standard or custom made, we supply all types of trolleys to a myriad of different industries.  Made from mesh or sheet metal, the trolley can be manufactured as lockable or open, with or without sides, whatever your trolley requirements.  We have made trolleys for everything from engine blocks, animal holding situations, fruit and veg trolleys, fish trolleys through to musical instrument trolleys.

Trap Holding Trolley

Made specifically for short term separation and holding of trapped cats before rehousing.  The trays in our trap holding trolley are removable for cleaning and ease of use.

Two Position Hand Trolley

This is an easy to use, robust, heavy capacity 2 position hand trolley that can be used upright (as pictured) or as a flat bed trolley. Customers refer to it as bullet proof.

Wobbly Trolley

Highly utilised in the courier and postage industry this is a good solid trolley that is easily manoeuvrable and will take weighty loads.