Dog Transport Cages (Rigid)

Manufactured by Wiretainers in Preston, these sturdy dog holding cages are powder coated galvanised materials and come with a removable tray and identification plates.

Dog Trap

Rigid Dog traps. These traps are incredibly solid with an external mechanism to avoid damage. Used by many farmers to catch wild dogs they can be set anywhere on flat ground.

Size: 1200 x 700 x 1000mm

Drop Side Trolley

This drop sided trolley can be made to your specifications with wheels to suit your enviromnent. A very sturdy, robust drop sided trolley good for all types of uses.  Our trolley can be made with a full lift off, half drop side for full access to the load, with mesh or sheet metal sides.

Fan Guard

We make fan guards and core guards of all types and sizes. Send us your specifications and we will quote for you.  We do standard mesh core and fan guards out of our Preston, Melbourne factory and concentric fan guards and core guards out of our plant in Revesby, Sydney

Fox Trap

A large sturdy trap for foxes.  The Wiretainers fox trap is bait basket activated with a baiting door in the side of the fox trap. All galvanised Australian materials are used, and the fox trap is made in Preston, Melbourne.

Size: 1200 x 450 x 450mm

Half Height Skid Based Stillage

These smaller skid based stillage units seem to be very popular for storing heavy components and can be used with pallet racking. The half height skid base stillage can be made with 4 full sides or with a lift off door. Pallet racking lugs are used to stop the stillage being pushed off racking.  We can manufacture to your specifications using mesh all around or sheet metal all around or a combination of both.

Laundry Trolley

This purpose built laundry trolley is used by numerous commercial laundries around Melbourne and is best used in conjunction with a laundry trolley liner.

Lockable Stillages

To protect your valuable goods from going missing or to store dangerous goods, we can manufacture stillages that are lockable.  Shown here is our solid sheet metal lockable half height cup foot stillage, we can also manufacture our lockable stillage from mesh, in the size you require, as a skid base stillage and in the finish of your choice.