About Us


Wiretainers opened in 1970.  We are a family owned and operated business with expertise in the design and construction of containers for the protection, separation and transport of component parts used in the manufacturing process, along with animal traps and caging, mobile platforms and baggage barrows.  If it’s made of steel, wire or mesh, we have probably made something similar!  We have worked across all industries and customers include Defence, Government, Toll, Amazon, Bunnings and many more.

The stacking stillages and pallets manufactured by Wiretainers provide easy access, safety, ease of identification and convenience for operators whilst maximizing floor space, cutting handling costs and making stocktaking simpler. Pallets vary in design, construction and finish to cover the range of sizes and weights of products manufactured by the many different industries we service.  We have made pipe stillages, carpet tile stillages, fabric roll stillages, stillages for the transport of component parts in the motor industry, food storage units, you name it, we’ve most likely already made it.

Over the years Wiretainers have also become experts in the containment and capture of animals. Since we started we have made animal traps including the Wiretainers cat trap, fox trap, dog trap, rat trap, bandicoot and wombat traps, pigeon and sparrow traps.  We have also been heavily involved in the design and construction of many cages and animal friendly enclosures for Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and other parks and Zoos around Australia.  These projects are unique and Wiretainers  have built our reputation on the understanding of both the animals and the manufacturing process to be able to do this sort of work to an industry leading standard.

Wiretainers also manufacture an Australian standard fork lift safety cage, as well as standard stillages, trolleys and baskets.  With the purchase of BJ Turner in 2013 our range has expanded into baggage barrows and mobile platform ladders.

Our NSW plant came into the fold with the purchase in 2009 of Automatic Wire (established 1967).  Specialising in wire forming, ring forming, filter cages and mesh manufacture, Automatic Wire is now an integral part of our business.

Wiretainers started in Kew in 1970 and moved to East Brunswick soon after, and now we are in Preston. Wiretainers started off making Wine and Bread Crates and then moved into larger materials handling equipment whilst still maintaining manufacture of smaller wire products.  We have a massive range of products, if it’s made of steel, wire or mesh, we can help.  Give us a call 03 9480 1200 or sales@wiretainers.com.au

  • Standard Baggage Barrow with Tarp and Tarp box. We also manufacture a smaller Helicopter Barrow and a Covered Barrow. And to your specifications.

  • A Wiretainers Cat trap. We manufacture a huge range of traps and animal caging which has a great reputation in the industry.

  • Standard Skid Base Stillage, shown here with mesh all around. We also make these is sheet metal, and to your specifications.

  • Custom and standard trolleys. Our Australian Made trolleys are robust and sturdy.

  • Custom Barrows made to suit your needs.

  • Standard cup foot stillages, this one customised with blue paint, a sheet floor and lip, and a blackboard.

  • Furnace formers, fully welded rolled units, to customer drawing.

  • Custom industrial trailers, this unit painted red, takes 10T and has rubber grip strips both ends

  • Custom stillages, these units are full sheet metal with open ends for easy product access.

  • Heavy duty custom stillage, we can make to your specifications.