Mobile Platforms

Mobile Platforms, Australian made in Preston, Vic. Shipped Australia wide

Our robust Australian Made Mobile Platforms come in a range of sizes from 2 step, to 12 steps. The 9 step and above all come with stability arms as standard, the stability arms can also be purchased as an extra on the smaller Mobile Platforms. Other options include a safety bar to close behind you when on the top step, rear or side walkthru's to allow the Mobile Platform to be used to access a mezzanine or other elevated areas, a storage tray, and truck washing fittings. Our truck washing Mobile Platforms are very popular with service stations and freight companies. It comes with two buckets and an inbuilt area for them to sit. We can also manufacture custom Mobile Platforms and have made them in a wheelbarrow style, with powder coated handrails, with longer Platforms, in stainless steel (as pictured in a 4 step) and aluminium. We can also manufacture a narrower unit at 610mm wide.

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