Fox Trap

A large sturdy trap for foxes. The standard Wiretainers fox trap is bait basket activated with a baiting door in the side of the fox trap. We also manufacture a plate operated fox trap which is triggered when the fox steps on the plate. Some of our customers prefer the one type over the other so we offer both, both are effective. All galvanised Australian materials are used, and the fox traps are made in Preston, Melbourne.

Catching a fox can be tricky and persistence may be required. Foxes don't like the way we smell, so get rid of the human smell by rubbing it down with a chicken neck and making the trap smell tasty. Use rubber boots and gloves around the trap to minimise scent left behind. If you get a particularly wily fox, you may need to start with the door wired open and the bait near the opening, gradually moving it into the trap over a couple of nights and finally setting the trap. Start feeding the fox now, so it gets used to a free feed before the trap arrives.

Size: 1200 x 460 x 460mm

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