Rat Traps

The Wiretainers Rat Trap is a fool proof way to ensure that unwanted rodents leave your house or workplace alive.

Size: 440 x 200 x 170mm

Shirt Trolley

This Shirt Trolley can be manufactured to your requirements - maybe you only need to carry one row of shirts or jackets on your trolley, or you'd like a taller clothing trolley.

Small Strong Trolley

Small Strong Trolley with half door.  This small strong trolley can also be manufactured to your requirements, so it could be a large strong trolley or a small light trolley! 

Sparrow Trap

Sparrow Trap comes with a release door and will fit in the boot of a standard Australian sedan.

Size: 900 x 450 x 450mm

Specialised Cupfoot Stillage

Wiretainers can make stillages to your specifications or we can come up with a solution to easily hold and handle product for storage and transportation.

Specialised Skidbase Stillage

Wiretainers can make stillages and trolleys to your specifications. Call us to talk about your specialized custom stillage or trolley requirements.

Standard Skidbase Stillages

Wiretainers standard skid base stillage has the strength of skids and the ability to utilise all the space available on the back of your truck or in your warehouse.  Our standard skid base stillage can also be made in full sheet metal or with open sides.  Wiretainers manufacture in Preston to your requirements. 

Standard Stillage

With a full lift off half drop door the standard cup foot stillage can fit a CHEP pallet inside when open, the pallet will hang over the front by 40mm. This unit makes absolute best use of a tray body truck when stagger loaded and is available to buy or hire.  The standard cup foot stillage has mesh sides and a sheet metal base, but we also custom make this stillage to your requirements.